Maternal-Fetal Medicine Research Center aims to improve the quality of prenatal care, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the fetus and the mother has to start from February 2011.

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine  Research Center's New papers
1- Amelioration of lipid abnormalities by vitamin therapy in women using oral contraceptives
2- Maternal Risk Factors and Neonatal Outcome of the admitted Patients for Preterm Spontaneous Uterine contractions
3- Perinatal Outcome of Pregnancies Complicated by Immune thrombocytopenia
4- Mulberry Leaf Extract Attenuates Oxidative Stress-Mediated Testosterone Depletion in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats
5- Effect of vitamin E and C supplements on lipid peroxidation and GSH-dependent antioxidant enzyme status in the blood of women consuming oral contraceptives
Affiliation Maternal-Fetal Medicine Research Center:
Maternal-fetal medicine Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran

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Study resources for Perinatalogy (Maternal Fetal Medicine) Fellowship Examination
Study resources for Perinatalogy (Maternal Fetal Medicine) Fellowship Examination: The reference bellows are recommended by the education department of specialization and subspecialty for candidates sitting for Perinatalogy fellowship examination.
Birth of the first baby after spine surgery in Shiraz in the Hafez hospital
Dated Wednesday Noveber27, 2013 at 34 weeks gestation , weighing 2 kg 400 g and Apgar mother of a baby boy in the hospital 10-9 Hafiz was born in Shiraz . Fortunately, the surgery was successful and the baby is in good condition
First heart surgery on a seven-month fetus
Detailed procedures have been performed: Fetus 28 weeks with heart, which was referred to the review have been diagnosed with severe pulmonary stenosis, pulmonary valve 36 mHg, and annulus size was 3.5 mm. There was moderate tricuspid registration, right ventricular growth retardation, enlarged right artium and pericardial effusion.